Quantum science, technology, and future WQC begins search for new faculty

Our quantum future, now at ZJUT

The Wilczek Quantum Center is a new initiative, aiming to become an international platform for scientific research, training, and exchange in fundamental quantum physics. Founded in October 2014 on the scenic Pingfeng campus of Zhejiang University of Technology in Hangzhou, it is named after noted American scientist Frank Wilczek, winner of the 2004 Physics Nobel Prize.

Quantum physics, first discovered in the early 1900s, reveals nature's deepest and most mysterious laws. Quantum ideas gave birth to electronic and other technologies that now shape our world. New discoveries in quantum theory continue to yield results that will shape our society for the new century and beyond.

The general purpose of the Center is to advance the level of fundamental research in Hangzhou and to promote scientific exchange and collaboration with the World.

At the initiative phase, the Center directs its main efforts to theoretical research in the areas of

  • ultracold gases and quantum optics, where fundamental issues in quantum theory can be addressed cleanly
  • quantum information theory, simulation, and visualization
  • the theory of fundamental interactions and its applications to astronomy and cosmology
  • the application of quantum mechanics to biological processes, including the molecular basis of perception

The Center also plans to reach out to the wider public, through cultural events, and to look for appropriate opportunities to support interdisciplinary and technological ventures.

Our goal is to develop the Center into an institution recognized worldwide, working at the cutting edge of quantum research frontiers.

Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek, at Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) opening of Wilczek Quantum Center

MIT professor Frank Wilczek won the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics, for work he did as a 21 year-old grad student in quantum physics. He is enthusiastic and proud to be part of ZJUT's initiative into quantum physics, the Wilczek Quantum Center. Professors Wensheng Vincent Liu (Director) and Hongwei Henry Xiong (Associate Director) have many inspiring plans for the WQC's future.