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2016: WQC opens search for new faculty

The Wilczek Quantum Center (WQC) is recruiting tenured or tenure-stream Assistant and Associate Professors in Theoretical Physics. We expect to make a few appointments in 2016, which can begin in the Fall Term, or other times by mutual agreement.

Outstanding young (postdoctoral-level) or early career (already holding faculty positions elsewhere) candidates of all the citizenships and ethnicities are encouraged to apply.

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Top physicists visit WQC in 2015

Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek, WQC Director Vincent Liu, and four other top international physicists spent many weeks at ZJUT working closely with WQC scientists.

In alphabetical order, WQC's four visiting professors were Andreas Hemmerich (Hamburg,) Cristiane Morais Smith (Utrecht,) Boris Svistunov (U. Mass. Amherst,) and Biao Wu (Peking University.)

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First two physics papers appear from WQC at ZJUT address

Wilczek Quantum Center (WQC) is proud to announce that important papers from two different teams of researchers will appear in respected physics journal on advanced topics related to quantum computing. In each paper, the first author includes in his research address "Wilczek Quantum Center, Zhejiang University of Technology."

Quantum computing is an important topic, attracting attention around the world. Major companies such as Microsoft are devoting great resources to pushing progress in this field.

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ZAST visits WQC to discuss science outreach

The newly established Wilczek Quantum Center (WQC) aspires not only to scientific achievement, but also to making science more widely known to the general public.

On 5 January, 2015, a team led by Shidan Zhang, the director of the Department of International Affairs of Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology (ZAST), visited WQC, to discuss future close cooperation on popular science outreach. ZAST devotes major resources to science outreach in China.

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WQC Associate Director Hongwei (Henry) Xiong leads mountain-climbing physicists' hike

Wilczek Quantum Center (WQC), in ZJUT's Pingfeng campus, is within easy distance of many natural wonders, including not only the world-famous West Lake and Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) but also even closer mountain scenery.

WQC members, in addition to sharing ideas about quantum physics, often make group excursions for hiking, with WQC Associate Director Hongwei (Henry) Xiong. One recent adventure (December, 2014) included five young physicists from five different provinces of China!

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Merry Christmas to WQC Director Vincent Liu

Two Nobel laureates, both of them early mentors to WQC's Director Wensheng Vincent Liu, sent him a Christmas greeting in December, 2014, from Austin, TX.

Steven Weinberg was Liu's thesis advisor at the University of Texas at Austin, where Liu got his Ph.D. in 1999. At that time, his thesis "Applications of effective field theory to condensed matter" won UT's prize for "Best Dissertation in Physics."

Later, Liu was a post-doctoral researcher at MIT, where Frank Wilczek became his supervisor, and soon his friend.

So it was with great pleasure that Wilczek and Weinberg, meeting again in 2014, sent a special Christmas greeting to WQC Director Vincent Liu, posing together with a paper napkin that says "Hi, Vincent!"

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Notice: WQC now seeking new applications for faculty positions.

Andreas Hemmerich, Cristiane Morais Smith, Boris Svistunov, and Biao Wu

Four international physicists who spent time at WQC in 2015: Andreas Hemmerich, Cristiane Morais Smith, Boris Svistunov, and Biao Wu.

Hongwei Xiong, Biao Wu, and Vincent Liu at WQC opening ceremonies, October 2014

WQC opening ceremony. Left to right: WQC Associate Director Hongwei (Henry) Xiong, Professor Biao (Bill) Wu of Peking University, and WQC Director Vincent Liu. Biao Wu is a coauthor of the first scholarly paper from WQC and Vincent Liu is a coauthor of the second.

ZAST team visits WQC 5 January, 2015

Delegation from ZAST's Department of International Affairs: from left to right: Yao Yao, Yifei Tang, Shidan Zhang (director), Bing Zhu (vice director), Jiongjiong Chen.

WQC members enjoy 'experimental physics' with 4-hour hike

WQC hikers enjoying their hike up a mountain. From left to right: Xianqing Lin, Yang Yang, Hongwei (Henry) Xiong, Qi Zhang, and Xuguang Yue.

Nobel Laureates Frank Wilczek and Steven Weinberg wish Vincent Liu a merry Christmas

MIT Professor Frank Wilczek (2004 Nobel Prize in Physics) and University of Texas Professor Steven Weinberg (1979 Nobel Prize in Physics) sent a friendly hello to WQC Director Wensheng Vincent Liu, when they met in Austin, TX in 2014.